Airport Parking Alternative

Going on a trip? Get the efficiency of driving yourself to the airport and the peace of mind knowing that your car will be safely parked at your home while you are away.

We have created a new alternative to parking at the airport. Dependable Delivery offers roundtrip airport vehicle delivery service to all the airports in the Hampton Roads.

If you need your vehicle to go to any other airport let us know we can help you with that too!

How it works

The following is the process to expect when using our airport service.

  1. The customer arranges their travel details.
  2. The customer calls Dependable delivery at 757-932-0231, visits, or emails us at to let us know when and where to meet them for a pick up.
  3. If time allows, the customer is emailed a release form to be filled out if not the form is signed at time of key exchange
  4. If time allows, one of our delivery experts meets the customer at the customer’s convenience to receive their extra set of keys, any needed equipment or info to get their requested parking location for the extent of their trip and payment if not paid online.
  5. The customer then continues their pre travel ritual and drives their vehicle to the air port and parks in the short term parking lot.
  6. The customer will then notify Dependable Delivery that they have arrived at the airport and have left the vehicle.
  7. Our vehicle delivery expert arrives at the airport within 30 minutes to collect the vehicle.
  8. Upon arrival the vehicle delivery expert takes a video walk around of the exterior, any items inside the vehicle and current milage.
  9. The video is sent to the customer’s email for their records.
  10. Our delivery expert drives the customer’s car their requested parking location.
  11. Upon arrival at the parking location, the delivery expert takes another video walk around and emails it to the customer to verify that their vehicle has arrived safely.
  12. Our delivery expert returns the keys to the Dependable Delivery office where they are kept safe until the customer’s return.
  13. On the day of the customer’s arrival back in Hampton Roads, Our vehicle delivery expert will drive to the customer’s parking location and record a video walk around to show the vehicle’s condition.
  14. The customer’s vehicle is then driven to the airport and parked in the short term parking lot.
  15. Our delivery expert then takes a final video walk around of the vehicle and sends it to the customer.
  16. They then contact the customer by their desired contact method and notifies them of the arrival and location of the vehicle of in the short term parking lot.
  17. The customer gets to their car and drives home and receives their keys when and how they choose either that day or at another scheduled time.
  18. The customer then tells their friends about our great service. If their friends use us, the next time the customers calls to have their car delivered, they receive a $5 referral credit.


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