Service Appointments

Does your vehicle need to go to the shop? Don’t waste your precious time at a repair facility, accessory shop, or detail shop. We’ll drop your vehicle off for you and deliver it back to you when it’s ready.

Our delivery experts will come to your home, work, or any other location get your keys and drive your vehicle to and from the facility of your choice.

Service Appointments – How it works

The following is the process to expect when using our repair delivery service

  1. The customer calls and makes an appointment with the service facility of their choosing.
  2. The customer calls Dependable Delivery at 757-932-0231, visits Dependable.Delivery, or emails us at to let us know when and where to meet them for a pick up.
  3. If time allows the customer is emailed a release form and a work requested form to be filled out.
  4. One of our delivery experts meets the customer at the prearranged time and location collects the customer’s keys, their signature and preferably their payment.
  5. They then take a video walk-around of the interior and exterior, and records the current mileage of the vehicle.
  6. The video is sent to the customer’s email for their records.
  7. Our delivery expert drives the customer’s car to the service facility of their choice.
  8. Upon arrival at the repair facility, the delivery expert takes another video walk around and emails it to the customer to verify that their vehicle has arrived safely at the service facility.
  9. Our delivery expert leaves the customer’s keys with the service facility and has the facility sign off on the time that they have received it.
  10. From this point, the remaining communications are between the customer and the service facility.
  11. If the customer chooses to have us return the car to them after service is complete, they are required to settle their bill with the service facility prior to a Dependable Delivery pick up.
  12. The customer or the service facility calls and arranges for a Dependable Delivery pick up, and we confirm the delivery address.
  13. Our service delivery team picks up the car and follows the same procedures that were performed upon the initial pickup.
  14. Our service delivery team picks up the car and follows the same procedures that were performed upon the initial pickup.
  15. The customer then tells their friends about our great service. If their friends use us, the next time the customers calls to have their car delivered, they receive a $5 referral credit.


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